a series of night walks, which starts at midnight and ends in the morning. Each time it invites different participants and it takes different routes. Dark matter is particles that are thought to make up a quarter of the universe but whose presence has never been confirmed. Its existence and properties are inferred from its gravitational effects on visible matter, radiation, and the large-scale structure of the universe, which can only be explained with the assumption of the presence of the missing mass.

The intention of this project is to apply this assumption of the existence of dark matter to  the analysis of capitalist society – a certain kind of reality – in which many of us live in. It is an exploration of the dark matter within our knowledge that constructs such reality. For this purpose, DARK MATTER takes two different takes of the act of walking;

DARK MATTTER as a state of exploration
The night walks as a state of exploration use the act of walking as an act of collective thinking. Each walk will be organised with different individuals working in various fields, and the route for each walk will be set accordingly. The frameworks for the walks will not assume the fixed positioning of a presenter and audiences.

DARK MATTER as a representation of ideas
Wonderland seeks a way of transforming the collective activities and research conducted through DARK MATTER as a state of exploration, or other events, into a representation of ideas. This will result in the work, which utilise the act of walking as a framework for presenting ideas, and it assumes a certain separation between a presenter and its audiences.

夜の0時から始発まで都内を歩き回るという設定のもと、毎回違う参加者によってルートやテーマが構成させるプロジェクトです。dark matter(暗黒物質)とは、宇宙の1/4を占める粒子と考えられていながら、その存在自体が未だに確認されていない物質の事を指します。その存在は、光学的に確認出来る物質に与えている引力から想定されています。

DARK MATTERでは、この暗黒物質が存在するという想定を自分たちの生活する資本主義社会という1つの現実の分析に適用し、それを構成する知識に潜在する dark matter について考えます。この目的に沿って、夜中に歩くとという行動の潜在性を次の2つに大きく分けて考えます。

アイデアを模索する状況としてのDARK MATTTER

アイデアの提示としての DARK MATTER
上記の「模索する状況としてのDARK MATTTER」等を通じて行う共同リサーチ等から、「模索する過程」を「アイデアの提示」に移行することを目的とします。オーディエンスとプレゼンターの区分けを想定することとします。


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